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Welcome to the EAC Advisory Boards Virtual Meeting Rooms

[ Standards Board Users, click here to login to meeting room ]

[ Board of Advisors, click here to login to meeting room ]

How the Meeting Rooms Work
When in use, these rooms are open 24 hours a day for the duration of any meeting. Only members of the EAC Advisory Boards may post comments and will need to use their assigned user name and password.

Through the individual virtual meeting rooms, Board members will be able to post their comments, view the comments of other members, exchange ideas and ask EAC questions about any draft document. For now, the Boards will not be taking any votes while using this room.

The public will be able to view documents and all comments posted by Board members. The public can also file written comments to either Advisory Board at and/or

Why We Have Virtual Meeting Rooms

Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) rules and regulations permit Advisory Board meetings to be held in whole or in part by teleconference, videoconference, the Internet, or other electronic medium. This virtual meeting room has been set up to enable the EAC Advisory Boards to conduct business between meetings in an efficient and transparent manner that is accessible to the public. Data on EAC’s website is accessible to visitors with disabilities and meets the requirements of section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. 
How to Enter a Meeting Room 
For Standards Board and Board of Advisor Members ONLY:
1. To Log On: Click on the link for your Board.  See the login portlet in the upper right hand corner of the page, as shown in image below. 

2. Enter your User Name and Password. Use of a wrong user name will result in denied entrance.
3. After entering the user name and password, click enter and you will be connected to links to review sections of the Draft Report.  You may read only or download documents and can post comments to the draft report.

For members of the public: 
1. Click on the link to one of the Boards.

2. Click on any one of the sections of any draft report and comments posted by Advisory Board Members about that section. You may also download the sections of any report. 
3. Written statements to the Standards Board may be filed at and to the Board of Advisors at  Any problems encountered when visiting this site may be emailed or you can call EAC at (866) 747-1471 and ask for Sharmili Edwards or Sarah Litton. 

Each Virtual Meeting Room space is an official United States government computer site. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on the site are strictly prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1995. 

The EAC welcomes feedback from the public about this site.

[ Standards Board Users, click here to login to meeting room ]

[ Board of Advisors, click here to login to meeting room ]